Monday, February 9th – Life Story of a Star


Topic: ” Life Story of a Star”

Speaker: Robert Henry

Location: The Donut Whole (1720 E. Douglas)

Date/Time: Monday, February 9, 7:30 pm



Much like us, stars are born, they live out their lives, they grow old and eventually die. In other words, stars have life cycles. During this presentation we will discuss how and when stars are born, what goes on during their stable mid-lives, the changes they go through during their senior years, and finally the different ways in which they die and what happens next…



I was born in Bakersfield California and raised in various areas of the state (mostly Los Angeles) for my first 24 years. I then decided to “find” myself and seek my fortune in Hawaii where I spent the next 9 years. During my stay I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up and went back to finish college at the University of Hawaii. After graduating with my degrees in Geology and Geophysics I moved back to California where I began my career working for Chevron. It became apparent after just a couple years that my true passion lay in Information Technology and so I redefined my job description and what I did for Chevron. After 13 years with Chevron Koch Industries made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and my family and I were moved here to Wichita. Finally, after 22 years in IT I decided I needed to reinvent myself again and was hired by Wichita State University as the Program Manager for the Lake Afton Public Observatory and the Assistant Director for the Fairmount Center for Science and Mathematics Education.

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