Tuesday, January 14: Health Messaging Targeting Vaping Behavior

Speaker: Michael Smith

Topic: Health Messaging Targeting Vaping Behavior

Tuesday, January 14; 6:30pm; Watermark Books (4701 E Douglas, Wichita, KS)



Smoking has been well established as an unhealthy behavior with severe consequences that include chronic disease and death. Over the past couple of decades, e-cigarettes have been rising in popularity, particularly among youth aged 12 and older. Vaping has been advertised as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes; however, recent research and the emerging EVALI disease outbreak suggests otherwise. It is vital for these users that they be exposed to health messaging targeting vaping behavior and its consequences, particularly among vulnerable populations. The aim of this presentation is to discuss some of the issues surrounding effective message targeting for smoking and vaping behaviors using health behavior theory.



Michael Smith is a Health Promotion PhD student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman with research interests in sedentary behavior, technology and individual exercise management, smoking and vaping behavior among young adults, and Cannabis consumption behavior among medical and non-medical users.

Michael obtained a Bachelor of Art at East Central University in Oklahoma and shortly after began a 14-year career in website design and audio/visual technology installation and management at Pre-Paid Legal Services in Ada, Oklahoma.

Michael re-entered the academic community in 2013 to follow a passion for health and wellness among general and special populations. Michael obtained a Master’s in Wellness Management with a focus in exercise science and the effects of activity tracking devices on exercise adherence and goal attainment among working adults at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Michael has presented academic research in exercise science and health behavior at several local, regional, and nation-wide meetings and conferences including the American College of Sports Medicine Regional and National Meetings; the Oklahoma Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; and the American Public Health Association National Meeting. Michael has also been published in several academic journals as a primary or contributing author for work in activity tracking devices, exercise behavior, smoking and vaping behavior, and marijuana perceptions and behavior.

Michael lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, 3 really annoying dogs, and 2 cats that couldn’t care less. Michael has a college aged son who is well taller than him and will be welcoming a daughter in just a few short weeks.



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