Tuesday, May 14: Soundtrack to Our Summer Nights – Insect Communication

Dr. Gideon Ney

Soundtrack to Our Summer Nights – Insect Communication

Tuesday May 14; 6:30pm at Watermark Books (4701 E Douglas)


As the warm weather arrives back to Kansas a chorus of singers is waking up to fill our nights with the ubiquitous soundtrack to our summer nights outside with family and friends. But who are our melodious neighbors and what are they saying? We will discuss the mechanisms and importance of acoustic communication in insects. As well as considering biological diversity and the role acoustic communication has in reinforcing species boundaries. Exploring in more depth behavioral and genetic isolation between cryptic species in the genus Neoconocephalus, the North American coneheaded katydids.


Dr. Gideon Ney is a Wichita native and former science instructor at Northwest High School. Gideon earned his PhD in Biology from The University of Missouri in 2017. His dissertation work focused on investigating a group of small insects to better understand large, complex evolutionary mechanisms related to genetic differentiation and behavioral isolation. His research on katydid population genetics took him form troubleshooting genetic assays at the lab bench to escaping alligators and quaking bogs at field sites across the country. His research has been published in multiple scientific journals, including Conservation Genetics and the Journal of Orthopteran Research. Gideon currently works as a professor of science at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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