Tuesday March 12 – Storm Chasing in Kansas

Tuesday, March 12, 6:30 pm Watermark Books (basement), 4701 E Douglas Ave

Speaker: Mikey Gribble


Starting with footage of some of the reports of storm activity that have appeared on KWCH Mr. Gribble will cover some of the basic facts about supercells, tornadoes and how the most violent storms on the planet occur in the plains each spring. He will relate how he became interested in storm chasing and the training it took to be successful. He will cover the three basic types of supercells and the strategy and tactics he uses to ‘chase’ them. Then he will go into a brief case study of the El Reno tornado which was the most dangerous storm ever for chasers. Three professionals were killed along with several other observers who lacked training.
Mr. Gribble works as a storm chaser for KWCH and his work has been broadcast on several national TV channels including National Geographic’s Inside the Mega Twister, Virgin 1, the Discovery Channel Danger Hunters, BBC The World’s Deadliest Weather and did an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.
Mikey Gribble
Born and raised in Wichita, Mikey grew up around severe weather and has been interested in it since he was a kid. His storm chasing career started in 2001 with a tornado warned storm by Kingman, Kansas. Mikey knew immediately after that first chase that it was something he wanted to do and he was dedicated to learning how to forecast and chase tornadoes. After taking the only meteorology courses that were available at Wichita State University where Mikey was attending college at the time, he began buying meteorology course books from the University of Oklahoma and learning meteorology and forecasting in his spare time, with a focus on mesoscale meteorology and forecasting tornadoes. After three years of hard work learning how to forecast and narrowly missing tornadoes in the field chasing, his persistence finally paid off when he had a break out year in 2004, seeing 21 tornadoes that spring. Mikey also joined the KWCH weather team in 2004 as a storm chaser, making his on-air debut on May 12, 2004 while covering eight tornadoes across south central Kansas. 
Since his start with KWCH as a storm chaser, Mikey has gone on to document more than 160 tornadoes across 9 different states and his storm chasing has been featured in several national and international television shows. Mikey said his most notable accomplishments are getting to witness both the #1 and #2 largest tornadoes ever recorded and getting to work with National Geographic, but he takes the most pride in getting to be a part of Storm Team 12 and help cover dangerous weather for his home state of Kansas. 
“I love storm chasing. It is my passion in life and there are few times I am happier than when I am out in the field chasing. You get to feel the entire spectrum of emotions when you’re out there and you get to see incredible things few people will ever witness. I love every aspect of it and it’s something I’ll do for the rest of my life” 
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