Monday, December 12: Ghost Crab Ecology and Predation of Oyster Drills on the Gulf Coast of Texas

Speakers: Dr. Patrick Mathews and Serena Randolph, Friends University

Topic: Ghost Crab Ecology and Predation of Oyster Drills on the Gulf Coast of Texas

Date/Time/Location: Monday December 12; 7:30pm; The Donut Whole (1720 E Douglas)


Dr Matthews will be presenting the most recent information on our ongoing field study of Ghost Crab ecology and distribution. This study takes place along the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas, just East of Galveston.

Ms. Randolph will be presenting the results of a field study on predation by Oyster Drills, a type of gastropod. This study was also along the Bolivar Peninsula.

Dr. Mathews has spent the last 19 academic years as a biology professor, including 14 years at Friends University here in Wichita.  He has taught a wide diversity of biological courses, including organismal and field biology, ecology, and invertebrate zoology.  He has conducted externally and internally funded research involving undergraduate students that focuses mostly on the impact of environmental management strategies on invertebrates, including investigations of insect parasites of pine beetles, a long study on pulmonate snails living in a marsh at a state park in Missouri, the community structure of Comanche harvester ants, and this project focused on ghost crabs in Texas.

Dr. Mathews completed his Ph.D. in Entomology at the University of Arkansas.  He completed his Master’s degree in Biology at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.  His research there focused on the natural history of a millipede and its ecological interactions with a fungus.  He also completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Truman State University.

Serena is a student at Friends University from New Richmond, Wisconsin. She has spent the last three years at Friends, working to double major in zoo science and field biology, along with a minor in psychology. While in school, Serena also works for the admission’s office, giving tours to potential students, and is the biology lab assistant. After completing her undergraduate degrees, she hopes to move on to graduate school where she can continue completing research like the material she is presenting today.


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