Monday November 14: Conservation in Nepal

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Speaker: Lindy Gates

Topic: Conservation in Nepal

Date/Location/Time: November 14; The Donut Whole; 7:30 pm


Lindy Gates will be talking a little bit about Nepal itself, a quick background of how their organization, the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund came to be and what they do. A few different projects they are involved with over there include supporting the future construction of a new veterinary hospital for Chitwan National Park, working with the Chepang community, and supporting an Eco-Club kids group. She will also discuss the different ways Nepal has become so successful in conserving their wildlife.

Lindy Gates is a senior at Friends University and will graduate with a Zoo Science B.S. In December. She is originally from Loveland, CO and has known that she wanted to follow her passion for animals since she was a kid. Lindy started volunteering at the Denver Zoo when she was thirteen and worked her way up into internships and a temporary keeper position, with her main focus in working with the pachyderms. Lindy also spent three summers at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo as an intern and summer keeper working with a variety of hoofstock and pachyderms at their institution. During this time, not only did she learn to love animal husbandry, but also the conservation of the species in our care.

Lindy’s first conservation trip to Nepal was in 2012 and she has now been there a total of four times. Each trip she went on, she learned more about the culture and how Nepal has become a leader in conservation. It has been an inspiration to be part of our non-profit, the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund, and watch it grow over the years, as well as see how we can connect people across the country and across the globe for the benefit of conservation.



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