Monday, May 11: Water Wars



Topic: Water Wars

When: Monday May 11, 7:30 pm

Where: The Donut Whole (1720 E Douglas)

Speaker: Alan D. Maccarone, Ph. D.; Professor of Biology; Friends University


Water is our most precious commodity in the sense that every living organism requires water for its reproduction and survival. Despite its apparent abundance on the earth, the type of water that is essential to life is actually a scarce resource. Due to increased global demand, its scarcity increases every year. This program will examine historical and current patterns of water use; explore the origins of the water crisis; present examples of local, national, and international conflicts that revolve around water availability and usage, and discuss how societies can address current and future water wars.


Originally from New York City, Alan has lived in Kansas since 1990.  Currently, he is a Professor of Biology at Friends University in Wichita.  For 13 years, he was the Director for the Zoo Science undergraduate program, and for 17 years he directed the Environmental Studies graduate program.  His graduate education includes a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior from Memorial University, in Newfoundland, Canada, and a doctorate in Zoology from Rutgers University, in New Jersey.  His areas of specialization include Ornithology, Animal Behavior, and Field Ecology, and Environmental Science.  Alan has been active in wading bird research since 1986. He sometimes views the importance of water quality and availability through the aquatic birds that he studies.  Also has published more than 50 journal articles and book chapters and given more than 80 scientific and popular presentations, most dealing with avian ecology, behavior, and the effects of pollution and disturbance on wading birds.  Alan has two children: a son, Dylan, a 19-year-old sophomore attending Hampshire College in Massachusetts, and a daughter, Ava, 14, who this Fall will be starting high school at the Northfield School for the Liberal Arts.

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