Monday, September 9: The History and Politics of ‘Climate Change’




The History and Politics of  ‘Climate Change’

Speaker: Harry Gregory, Board Member of Kansas Citizens for Science

Date: Monday, September 9

Time: 7:30 pm

Location: The Donut Whole (1720 E. Douglas)



The subject of ‘Climate Change’ has become highly politicized in the last few years. It is a highly complex subject on which a tremendous amount of research has been, and is still being carried out. A vast majority of climate scientists and world-wide scientific organizations agree that climate change is occurring at a pace not explained by natural events and is in fact the result of human activity.


For a number of reasons, there are business interests which feel threatened by the implications of climate change and the necessary solutions to the problems that are obviously occurring. These business interests have funded a huge public relations program in attempt to convince their political allies and the public that the science is wrong. Unfortunately, their efforts have muddied the waters enough that it is very difficult for the average citizen to sort out the truth from the fiction of climate change.


This program is part of an effort by the KCFS to help citizens to better understand the scientific side of the story.



Harry Gregory is a life-long environmentalist. He grew up on a farm in Missouri where he spent many hours observing wildlife in the area.


He has a BS in Education and a MS in Biology from the University of Central Missouri. His graduate studies concentrated on reptile behavior.


While still in college, he attended the Audubon Camp of Wisconsin studying various north woods habitats and used this information as a Nature Counselor at a private boys camp in Minnesota and a boy scout camp in Michigan. At his first teaching job in Hickman Mills, Mo., he established a two-acre outdoor lab on the school grounds.  Soon he became a founding member of “The Citizen’s Environmental Council of Kansas City”. This organization held workshops for other teachers to help them establish outdoor labs at their schools.


In 1971, he was appointed by the Missouri Governor to the Missouri State Advisory Board on Environmental Education. The task was to develop a State Plan on Environmental Education for use in public schools.


Harry has 12 years experience teaching Environmental Science  classes at both the college and high school levels and has served on the KCFS board for over 10 years.

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